Garden waste collection

Welcome to the Garden Waste Collection Service which North Hertfordshire District Council runs in partnership with Urbaser (our waste, recycling and street cleansing services provider). The easiest and quickest way to pay is online by debit card or credit card. Please note we will NOT accept cheques or cash. You will require a valid email address to sign up.

Recycling your garden waste is easy and convenient when using our chargeable Garden Waste Collection Service. Collections are every two weeks all year round.

The costs of the Service for 2018-2019 are set out below. Your payment will cover collections from 14th May 2018 – 30th April 2019. The early bird discount will be available to residents that pay the annual fee by debit card or credit card and subscribe to the Service by 31st March 2018.

If you choose to sign-up part way through the year, we offer a half year discounted service as shown in the table below.

Prices - 2018/19

Payment Type Sign-up Date Amount you will pay per bin
Sign-up with early bird discount for one bin Up to 31 March 2018 £35
Standard Collection Service Charge for first bin 1 April 2018 to 31 October 2018 £40
Half Year Collection Service Charge for first bin 1 November 2018 to 30 April 2019 £20
Additional bin collection charge for properties which DO require an
additional bin to be delivered (includes cost of additional bin, delivery and standard collection charge)
Throughout 2018-19 £75
Additional bin collection charge for properties which DO NOT require
additional bins to be delivered
Throughout 2018-19 £40

There are no concessions available for this service. Each property can pay for up to 3 brown bins.

More information on this service including FAQ's can be found on (opens new window)

We advise that you place your property number on your bin(s) to ensure the crews can easily identify them.

When is my collection?

Your collection day will not change from your current collection day so continue to place your brown bin out on your recycling day. If you want to confirm when this is please click here


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